︎ Mina Şerbetçioğlu is a multidisciplinary artist from Turkey, majoring in animation and apparel design. She loves designing characters and worlds influenced by Turkish myths, which she incorporates into her garments.

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︎ EONI, a shapeshifting chameleon who has been alive since the beginning of time, spends his days wandering around the universe. One day, he sees Gün Ana (the sun) and is mesmerized by her. Gün Ana then brings EONI to the beautiful celestial garden where she lives with Ay Ata (the moon), Ülgen (god of sky), Ak Ana (goddess of water), Yer Ana (goddess of earth) and countless other mythical creatures. The mythical garden becomes EONI’s new home, where the gods and goddesses have extravagant, colorful tea parties.