︎ Afi was born in Providence, RI, in a particularly dense cloud of smoke. From a young age, she was involved in Rhode Island art, running around recording studios, attending PVDFest, and patronizing the ‘Black Rep’ (only OG’s remember). She moved to Bed Stuy, a primarily black and Afro-Caribbean neighborhood, in 2001. She graduated from the school of Hard Knocks in 2016.
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Blue Saudade

︎ She is 12 in one. She wakes up. Increasing pressure from society forces her to retreat further into herself. Her daydreams take on aspects from childhood nightmares. Stories begin infecting her friendships, mentality; her reality. Soon she is alone wandering in the dark. repeat.
Mama always said, my eyes grew before my head
At one month my tiny embryo was just a packet of eyes, starting at blackberry flesh
At six months they grew to adult size
By the time I was born they had grown so big that they exploded inside of my head like
brilliant stars.
When I was born, I didn’t cry,
I just stared,
I wasn’t interested in pain yet. I was learning about light.
My eyes stayed the same size my whole life.
There are stars in them
they shine at night.